When He Found Me

On April 22, 2017 I had the honor to watch a video on the Living for Christ YouTube Channel that changed my life. The video was about about a young man’s outer body experience during his encounter with God on Judgement Day. I was so moved that I found myself falling to my knees in tears asking God to help me. Since 2016 I have allowed social media and worldly things to pull me from Christ. I’ve questioned his mercy, grace, and even his existence. I was tired. I didn’t want to harbor this pain, hate, and the evil that births evil. During my experience after watching that video God led me to Matthew 5 and 6. He loves me. He wants me to live for him. My prayers don’t have to be fancy. I can come come to him with conviction, truth, and sincerity. That day I let go and I let God. I forgave everyone and made peace with those I needed forgiveness from. Today I can say that His word is my truth. FOREVER AND EVER. Knowing this has given me peace. I have peace again. I am grateful that my victory has been won.

Unworthy of His love,

Chrystal Massey

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