To Touch His Robe (Diary of a Believer) ┬áJune 4,2017|Entry 2

Since giving myself to God, I feel like I’ve been fighting demons more than ever. I understood that once I became His, the devil wouldn’t let go so easily. When he couldn’t win me in the physical world, he sought me in the spiritual realm. Unprepared and weak, I lost. I woke up and went to my knees praying and asking God for forgiveness and strength to fight. See I had just watched a sermon about David and him being symbolic to the number 8. When the world doesn’t see your value, God does. He will use you to carry out his master plan. A while back God came to me in my dream. I was behind his throne and could only see his feet and robe. At that moment I decided to touch his hem thinking about the woman in the Bible. After touching his hem, a man very close to him turned around and saw me. It was Jesus. He came to me and said,”Didn’t I say ask of me and I will do”? I cried and his presence gave me so much comfort. Thinking about that moment I decided to write and talk to God. He took my pen and wrote the following:
I came to you in your dreams.

I felt you touch my cloth. 

I knew then when I spoke to you,that forgiveness was sought.

I need you to be strong and continue to fight. He frequents you because he thought that you would stand to his right. 

I’ve put power in you.

Use it at night. 

Remember where there is darkness call-out, “My light”.

Jehovah My Master. My King. My Father. 

Let your power flow through me. 

Refresh me like water. 

You are the Potter. 

Holder of my soul. 

Eternity is with you. 

Your love like Gold. 

Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords.

My body at your feet. 

My actions at your accord. 

Satan I rebuke you. 

My Father’s hand is mighty. 

Cast you demons into the throws of hell. 

My God has smite thee. 

God rises like a great storm. 

Like thunder when it claps. 

His forgiveness is like rain. 

His love my wrap. 

My forever is with Him. 

He has claimed my soul. 

Pulled me into his flock. 

He’s made me whole. 

Thank you Father for saving me!

Love x Blessings, 

Chrystal Massey