Giving It Up For Him (Diary of a Believer)|Entry 3 June 8,2017

On my road to salvation, I’ve given up so many things that I once thought brought me peace and happiness. Knowing what I do, I would still do it all over again to have the relationship that I have with my King now. I acknowledge that I’m still human so all of this is an adjustment for me. Some days are easier than others. Today was a tough one. I prayed and asked God to give me peace. Not only did he give me peace, but he showed me understanding and sympathy tonight by leading me to Philippians…

Thank you Father for your unwavering love. For leading me to passages as if you’re sitting next to me talking me down from the ledge. You have given me more strength than I could have ever imagined. I’m so in love with you. 

Forever ➕ Always

Your daughter, 

Chrystal Massey